We are on a mission! Join us.

Kodeless is on a mission to simplify data collection and help all marketers gain full control over the data they collect, and how they distribute it and manage it.


The Kodeless Mission

Kodeless was built with a single mission — to break the dependency of marketers on their developers and help them gain full control over the marketing data.

When looking at how online-focused organizations collect data today we noticed that there is a huge flaw in the process.

Actually, there are many flaws, but essentially all of them are the consequence of the flaw that marketers (or product managers in specific organizations) are not the sole owners of customers data.

Let’s break down the hidden flaws in that:

Collecting data is time consuming and expensive

Collecting customers data (implementing trackers and tools) is extremely time consuming. A single analytics event can take up to 2 hours of the developer’s time.

Not to mention that in many organization the version release cycle is at last a few weeks.

Dependency leads to poor data quality

Let’s break it down further:

  • Data loss is hard to identify since there’s no way to monitor 100’s of data points at every version release.
  • Because there’s no sole owner, data tends to be incoherent and nonunified — the same data is collected many times in different tools using different naming and properties.

Data analysis is hard

Because data quality is so poor, data analysis is super hard. It makes it hard to cross-analyze data from different sources and tools, and consolidate data into a marketing data warehouse.

All of these problems and many more are solved when empowering the marketer to actually own customers data from a true single source of truth. But, it’s not going to be easy.

Our challenge

These days, too many marketers choose the ‘easy way’ of just blaming developers for everything that is wrong with their data. It’s convenient for the marketer, but it’s awful for the organization as a whole.

It is within our mission to educate marketers of the benefits of owning customers data within their organizations.

The Kodeless future

In the future we have in mind data is simple. It is simple to collect it, manipulate it, merge it, consolidate it, analyze it, and act upon it.

In the future we have in mind marketers can do as they please with their data, and do it fast, with no out of the ordinary expertise.

If you can relate to our mission, please join us.